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You've probably heard it said that 'brand is everything". In today's highly paced flow of communication and visual style, this remains very true. Your brand is your promise, it is your business persona, your beacon and road sign and is made of much more than just your logo. A brand is how you are perceived by your audience. A brand sets the expectations of your promises as a business. It is demonstrated both externally and internally and can be measured in terms of the needs and impressions of your target audience or customer.

240 Design West has been actively building brand components for clients for over a decade. We work closely with our clients to help them establish brand goals and strategies so approaches to design communications are consistent and supportive.

We can provide naming services, write creative narrative, and design logos.  We can also include  the business documentation you may require to manage your new brand components.


Brand Design and logo requirements vary per client and projects but it is prudent to be aware that in the brand and logo development process, client participation is often required at a detailed level. Be prepared to set goals in context to your audience, discuss abstract concepts, use new tools, and participate regularly in scheduled production review meetings.


Brands are not built overnight. Learning to think critically about your brand now will pay off exponentially in the future. We believe you are probably great at what you do and have the passion and drive to succeed. We think you probably know the complexity of what is involved in setting up and running your business. But what about your customer? To them, it all should appear simple, well organized, and seamless.

That's where we come in. We know ropes. We know what you should be thinking about and how to get there. Start by asking yourself who you are. If your business were a person, who would be attracted to you and why? What could you do to be more attractive?