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Digital Business Solutions

    Digital Business Solutions

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240 Design West, LLC defines its 'Digital Business Solutions" service group, as services it renders in aligning local business goals, strategies, plans, systems, tools, content, process, and policy to online business. With over 35 years managing media projects and workflow, 240 Design West is uniquely qualified to align your business efforts to a return on investment. We use a robust comprehensive online system, industry proven tools, custom applications, and modern methodologies to improve your market position online.

Using our extensive approach to surveying and informing the client, we help our customers plan their projects in context to business outcome. We can supply the necessary guidance required not just for successful design, but for successful implementation and return as well.


Although service requirements are goal, strategy, plan and project specific, it is important to remember as a client that online business is successfully driven by content. Content is best managed closest to the source. That source is you and your business. A key consideration of conducting online business will always be content management. As an online business owner you will need to ask yourself how you will develop, publish and manage that content.

Fortunately, 240 Design West Digital Business Solution Service group has you covered. Our online system offers a user friendly content management system that will allow you to manage online content quickly and efficiently. 240 Design West also offers consulting in how to set your business up to begin creating content for the web internally, what content to create, and why. If you need compelling designs to meet specific campaigns, we can provide services in this area too. Make sure to check out our design portfolio.


Before purchasing any digital business solution we recommend you consult with 240 Design West to be sure you've established your needs properly. We are experts at getting from point A to point B with digital applications, and we're committed to keeping the line between point A and B as straight and narrow as possible for our customer.

We also know budget is a concern. That's why we often direct our customers to resources that are low cost or free.

Managing an online business is like managing any business, there is a lot to be concerned with. Establishing goals, strategies, plans, systems, and infrastructure to coordinate and support these things makes all the difference. When done considerately, the sum of the parts becomes exponentially greater than the whole and leads to increased merchandising, marketing, sales, and customer service capability.